Share buy-backs

A decision was made at the 2021 Annual General Meeting that up to 7% of the company's shares may be acquired until the next Annual General Meeting. The purpose of the share buy-back programme is to give the Board more room for manoeuvre work to create value for its shareholders. This includes hedging of call options, issued within the framework of Ratos's incentive programme.

Ratos's buy back of shares will be published when a repurchase has been made. Daily repurchase information can be received from Nasdaq Stockholm website, which is daily updated.

Total repurchased B-shares 1 January 2021


Exercise of options 2021, Q1-3


Change repurchased shares 2021-12-08

- 155,000

Transfer of shares 2021, Q1-3


Total repurchased B-shares 8 December 2021

(average price SEK 69)


Number of outstanding ordinary shares 8 December 2021