Change in number of votes and shares


  This information is disclosed in accordance with Chapter 4, Section 9 of the
                       Financial Instruments Trading Act.
The recently completed non-cash issue in conjunction with the acquisition of the
Remius family's shares in HL Display, resulted in an increase in the number of
shares and votes in Ratos in July as set out below.
The number of B shares has increased by 217,556 and the number of votes by 21,755.6. As of 30 July 2010, the total number of shares in Ratos amounts to 162,070,448 (of which 42,328,530 are A shares and 119,741,918 B shares) and the number of votes to 54,302,721.8. The number of outstanding shares is 159,237,307.
For further information please contact Arne Karlsson, CEO, +46 8 700 17 00 Emma Rheborg, Head of Corporate Communications & IR, +46 733 80 22 63
Financial calendar from Ratos: Interim Report January - June 2010 20 August 2010
Interim Report January - September 2010 4 November 2010

Ratos is a listed private equity company. The business concept is to maximise shareholder value over time by investing in, developing and divesting primarily unlisted companies. Ratos offers investors a unique investment opportunity. Ratos's equity is approximately SEK 15 billion and has a market capitalisation of approximately SEK 33 billion. Ratos's holdings include AH Industries, Anticimex, Arcus Gruppen, Bisnode, Camfil, Contex, DIAB, EuroMaint, GS-Hydro, Hafa Bathroom Group, Haglöfs, HL Display, Inwido, Jøtul, Lindab, MCC, Medisize, SB Seating, Superfos and Other holdings.