Creating value
since 1866

For more than 150 years we have owned and developed different companies across several industries. Everything we do is based on Ratos’s core values: Simplicity, Speed in Execution and It’s All About People.






Billion SEK in net sales


Billion SEK in EBITA

We live by our values:

Speed in execution
It’s all about people

Corporate governance

The principles determine the form of corporate governance that we implement in our companies and are key to the recruitment of CEOs and company boards. Our companies must have management teams and boards that share Ratos’s philosophy.

Value-creating measures

Each company has identified prioritised value-creating measures intended to take the company to the next level. These initiatives, which are based on the Ratos Principles, are limited in number and specific in their focus.

Ratos’s network

At Ratos, we make it possible for companies to develop rapidly by being a part of something larger. An important aspect of this is building strong networks between the Ratos companies. There is always a risk of becoming blind to the bigger picture in one’s own company and sector. In order to thrive in their respective segments, companies require ideas and perspectives from other companies and sectors.

A history of entrepreneur­ship

Everything begins with the desire to create something new. To contribute to the community and build prosperity. Gustaf Söderberg decided at the beginning of the 1800s to work in trade and became one of 20 dealers in the town of Åmål. His son, Per Olof (Pelle), became a Nordic dealer of steel products, moved to Stockholm and established the partnership Söderberg & Haak in 1866, which became one of Sweden’s largest steel wholesalers. That is the beginning of the story behind Ratos.



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