For us, that desire began 150 years ago when Per Olof Söderberg established the partnership Söderberg & Haak, which became one of Sweden’s largest steel wholesalers. When Per Olof passed away in 1931, his two sons Ragnar and Torsten decided to carry on the family business. And three years later, Ratos AB, an acronym of Ragnar and Torsten Söderberg, was introduced to the world.

Our evolution began with the major technological advances that were made during the 19th century. And few companies have been as integrated into the development of Swedish trade and industry as Ratos. A still relevant example are the many buildings and bridges in Stockholm, made with steel from Ratos, that are still standing strong today. Another one is our community involvement where we took part in developing the Stockholm School of Economics in 1906, which still is the best springboard for people, eager to work with trade and economy later in life. Or our work with Scandic Hotels where Scandic enhanced the Hotel industry, making room for a good stay, regardless of where you are in the country.

Although we are proud of our history, we’re even prouder of what our past has taught us. That you never can rely on old merits. And that our future lies in our ability to continue to refine our role as a company builder, to focus on development and people. By providing ideas, experience, capital and the contacts required to realize our companies potential. And that you can make a long-term impact, as long as you’re willing to adapt to the change of society. As well as making society change too. And in a world where climate, the environment and the use of finite resources influences every individual to an ever greater degree, the role of companies will be even more important to drive development forward.

For more than 150 years, our driving force has been to create something new, to develop companies and people, and to contribute to the community. We will never let go of that momentum, as we, along with the legacy of the Söderberg family, set our sights on the next 150 years.

With a history of development, we are ready to continue to write our story. The story of change.