Business concept

Ratos’s business concept is to develop mid-sized companies headquartered in the Nordics that are or can become market leaders.

Investment strategy

Ratos's focus and goal as an active owner is to contribute to the long-term and sustainable operational development of its companies.

Ratos has the following criteria for new investments and long-term holdings:

  • Market-leading or the potential to become market-leading
  • Highest profitability in its sector
  • Ability to create a healthy cash flow over time
  • Strong brand
  • Potential to benefit from Ratos’s networks
  • Platform for add-on acquisitions

Ratos strives to implement quick improvements in its companies but remains an owner with a long-term vision. We own our companies for as long as we consider ourselves to be the best owner.

Financial targets

Ratos's financial targets focus on the earnings trend of the company portfolio and the total return of the share.

  • 1. The earnings of the company portfolio should increase each year
  • 2. Total return of the Ratos share should over time outperform the average on Nasdaq Stockholm