Correction of Ratos's press release 23 December 2010 in respect of the public offer regarding Biolin Scientific


This information is disclosed in accordance with the Securites Markets Act and
NASDAQ OMX Stockholm´s rules regarding public offers on the stock market.

This press release may not be distributed, directly or indirectly, in or into,
Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, South Africa, Switzerland or the United
States of America. The Offer is not being made to (and acceptances will not be
accepted from) persons in those countries or in any other country where the
making of the Offer, the distribution of this press release or acceptance of the
Offer requires further offer documents, filings or other measures in addition to
those required by Swedish law.
Ratos's holding of shares in Biolin Scientific as per 23 December 2010 was 23,424,074 shares, corresponding to 88.12 % of all shares and votes in Biolin Scientific. The Offer remains unconditional.
On 23 December 2010 Ratos announced, through a press release, that Ratos´s public offer to the shareholders and convertible debenture holders in Biolin Scientific had been completed and that all terms and conditions for completion of the offer, according to the press release, were satisfied. In connection with the settlement of the offer it was discovered that a holding of shares had mistakenly been calculated twice and that the calculation of Ratos´s holding of shares in Biolin Scientific included 1,000,000 shares too many. As of 23 December 2010 Ratos´s holding of shares and convertible debentures in Biolin Scientific thus amounted to 23,424,074, corresponding to 88.12 % of all shares and votes (after full dilution) and not, as set out in the press release, 24,424,074 shares and convertible debentures, corresponding to 91.89 % of all shares and votes in Biolin Scientific (after full dilution).
The incorrect number of shares accounted for as Ratos´s holding as per 23 December will not impact the completion of the offer, which thus remains unconditional, since Ratos has waived the right to invoke any conditions for completion.
As previously announced Ratos has decided to extend the acceptance period until, and including, 12 January 2011. Settlement in respect of shareholders who accept the offer during the extended acceptance period is expected to commence on 19 January 2011. In view of the recent developments set out in this press release Ratos has decided that shareholders who accept the offer during the extended acceptance period will be given the right to withdraw their acceptances until 5.00 pm (CET) on 12 January 2011.
Reference is otherwise made to the offer document that Ratos has announced in respect of the offer.
For further information, please contact: Arne Karlsson, CEO Ratos, +46 703 79 79 79
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