Number of A and B shares in Ratos


  This information is disclosed in accordance with Chapter 4, Section 9 of the
                       Financial Instruments Trading Act.
Since the 2003 Annual General Meeting there is a conversion clause allowing
conversion of A to B shares in the articles of association. This means that
owners of A shares have an ongoing right to convert them to B shares. In
September 2010 3,000 A shares in Ratos were converted to B shares, which affect
the total number of votes.
After the latest conversion in September the total number of A shares in Ratos is 42,325,530 (78% of the votes) and the number of B shares is 119,744,918 (22% of the votes). The total number of votes is 54,300,022.
For further information, please contact: Emma Rheborg, Head of Corporate Communications & IR, +46 8 700 17 20
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Year-end report 2010 17 February 2011
Annual General Meeting 2011 5 April 2011
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Interim Report January - June 2011 19 August 2011
Interim Report January - September 2011 9 November 2011
Ratos is a listed private equity company. The business concept is to maximise shareholder value over time by investing in, developing and divesting primarily unlisted companies. Ratos offers investors a unique investment opportunity. Ratos's equity is approximately SEK 14 billion and has a market capitalisation of approximately SEK 36 billion. Ratos's holdings include AH Industries, Anticimex, Arcus Gruppen, Bisnode, Camfil, Contex, DIAB, EuroMaint, GS-Hydro, Hafa Bathroom Group, HL Display, Inwido, Jøtul, Lindab, MCC, Medisize, SB Seating, Stofa, Superfos and Other holdings.