Ratos AB – change in number of shares and votes

Regulatory Information 2024-06-28

The last opportunity to exercise warrants according to the incentive program for the CEO and other key personnel in Ratos decided on by the 2019 Annual General Meeting was completed in June 2024. Through the exercise of 100,000 warrants, the number of Class B shares increased by 100,000 and the number of votes by 10,000. After the increase, the share capital amounts to SEK 1,031,264,917.20.

Before exercise of warrants and conversion, no.
After exercise of warrants and conversion, no.
Class A shares:84,637,060
Class A shares:84,637,060
Class B shares:242,648,628
Class B shares:242,748,628
Total number of shares:327,285,688
Total number of shares:327,385,688
Total number of votes:108,901,922.80
Total number of votes:108,911,922.80