Ratos sells Anticimex to EQT


Ratos and co-owners have signed an agreement to sell all the shares in the
subsidiary Anticimex to EQT for approximately SEK 2,900m (enterprise value),
which provides approximately SEK 1,530m for Ratos's shareholding, as well as an
earn-out payment to be made if earnings and cash flow milestones for 2012 are
surpassed. The sale generates a net exit gain for Ratos of approximately SEK
940m and an average annual return (IRR) of approximately 24%, before a potential
earn-out. The sale is subject to approval from the regulatory authorities.
Anticimex is a European service company that provides safe and healthy indoor environments through inspections, guarantees and insurance. The range of services includes pest assurance, hygiene assurance, dehumidification and fire protection as well as property transfer and energy performance surveys. The Group has operations in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Germany and the Netherlands.
Ratos acquired Anticimex at the beginning of 2006. During the holding period the original operations have grown and been expanded with new service areas. Sales have increased by approximately 7% per year from SEK 1,275m in 2005 to SEK 1,927m in 2011 and operating profit has risen from SEK 118m in 2005 to SEK 192m in 2011.
Ratos CEO Arne Karlsson comments: "Anticimex has a unique position with a successful business model, a strong brand and growth every year since its formation in 1934. Stable cash flows and good sales increases have made Anticimex a very successful investment for Ratos. EQT will now take over as the new owner and further develop the range of services both in Sweden and in other markets."
The selling price for 100% of the shares (equity value) amounts to approximately SEK 1,775m and the enterprise value is approximately SEK 2,900m. Ratos's share of the equity value amounts to SEK 1,530m and the exit gain amounts to approximately SEK 940m, calculated on the book value in Anticimex at 31 December 2011. The final exit gain will be affected, among other things, by Ratos's share of profit from Anticimex during the period until final completion of the deal and by a potential earn-out payment. The average annual return (IRR) amounts to approximately 24%, before a potential earn-out payment. Ratos's holding in Anticimex is 85%. Co-owners are the company's board and management.
The sale is subject to approval from the relevant authorities and is expected to be completed at the end of the second quarter.
For further information, please contact: Arne Karlsson, CEO, Ratos, +46 703 79 79 79 Emma Rheborg, Head of Corporate Communications and IR, Ratos, +46 8 700 17 20

Financial calendar from Ratos:
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Ratos is a private equity conglomerate. The company's mission is to maximise shareholder value over time through the professional, active and responsible exercise of its ownership role in primarily medium to large unlisted Nordic companies. Ratos's holdings include AH Industries, Anticimex, Arcus-Gruppen, Biolin Scientific, Bisnode, Contex, DIAB, Euromaint, Finnkino, GS-Hydro, Hafa Bathroom Group, HL Display, Inwido, Jøtul, KVD Kvarndammen, Lindab, Mobile Climate Control, SB Seating and Stofa. Ratos is listed on Nasdaq OMX Stockholm and market capitalisation amounts to approximately SEK 29 billion.