Ratos: Susanna Campbell appointed new CEO - Arne Karlsson proposed as Chairman


The Board of Directors has decided to appoint Susanna Campbell, currently
Investment Director at Ratos, as the new CEO with effect from the Annual General
Meeting on 18 April 2012. At the same time, the Nomination Committee proposes
that the present CEO, Arne Karlsson, is appointed as Chairman of the Board at
the Annual General Meeting. Ratos's Chairman, Olof Stenhammar, has after 18
years on the Board, including 14 as Chairman, declined re-election.
Since Olof Stenhammar declined re-election to Ratos's Board, the Nomination Committee has been working for some time to find a successor. Arne Karlsson, who is today CEO of Ratos, has been found to be the most suitable candidate which will also necessitate a changeover in the position of CEO. During the autumn the Board has evaluated a number of CEO candidates and decided to appoint Susanna Campbell as the new CEO.
The Chairman of Ratos's Board, Olof Stenhammar, comments: "With Susanna Campbell, Ratos will acquire a CEO who is highly familiar with the company's strategy and who during her many years in leading positions in Ratos's investment organisation has shown drive, leadership, analytical skills and resolution. It is a major strength that we have found the most qualified candidate inside the company. I am convinced that both shareholders and the company are to be congratulated on this solution."
Susanna Campbell has worked at Ratos since 2003 and since 2010 has been an Investment Director with responsibility for one of five investment teams as well as for Ratos's holdings Arcus-Gruppen and HL Display, among others. Susanna is 38 and has a MSc Econ from the Stockholm School of Economics.
Susanna Campbell comments: "I am extremely honoured to have been appointed to this position and I am looking forward to continuing to develop Ratos and our unique position together with my colleagues. At the same time as I know Ratos well after nine years, I am naturally humbled by the task. I therefore see it as a major strength that Arne, in his role as Chairman, will remain as a close speaking partner and at the same time ensure the continuity of Ratos's strategic direction."
Arne Karlsson comments: "I have had 13 fantastic, eventful and enjoyable years at Ratos and feel enormous gratitude to have been part of the journey of this company so rich in history. It was not an obvious decision to step down as CEO now, but when Olof declined re-election the chairman question was on the table. I look forward to the opportunity to continue to work for the long-term development of Ratos if the Annual General Meeting decides in accordance with the Nomination Committee's proposal. I am also extremely pleased and satisfied that we have managed to recruit a new CEO internally. This is something I believe is particularly important in such a strongly value-driven company as Ratos. I warmly welcome Sanna to the CEO chair."
Nomination Committee Chairman, Anders Oscarsson, comments: "Olof Stenhammar has been a major asset for Ratos during his 18 years on the Board, including 14 as Chairman, with his deep knowledge of the company and his ability to create a environment in which both the CEO and board members enjoyed working. The Nomination Committee has looked for Olof's successor on the basis of three criteria: continuity, expertise and experience. We therefore nominate Arne Karlsson as the new Chairman since Arne without any doubt possesses unique knowledge of the company and has experience of 13 years work on the Ratos Board in addition to his experience from external directorships. We are very pleased that he has accepted this nomination and that we can thus maintain continuity in Ratos."
The Nomination Committee further proposes re-election of Board members Lars Berg, Staffan Bohman, Annette Sadolin, Jan Söderberg, Per-Olof Söderberg and Margareth Øvrum.
The Nomination Committee comprises the following: Anders Oscarsson (Chairman and representing AMF and AMF Fonder), Björn Franzon (representing Swedbank Robur funds), Olof Stenhammar (Chairman of Ratos's Board), Jan Söderberg (representing his own and related parties' holdings), Maria Söderberg (representing the Torsten Söderberg Foundation), Per-Olof Söderberg (representing the Ragnar Söderberg Foundation and his own and related parties' holdings).
Ratos's Annual General Meeting will be held on 18 April 2012 at 17.00 CET at Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre, Nils Ericsons Plan 4, Stockholm, Sweden. Notice of the Meeting will be published in the first half of March.
Press and investor meeting A press and investor meeting will take place at Ratos's head office, Drottninggatan 2, Stockholm, today 26 January at 10.00 CET. Susanna Campbell, Arne Karlsson and Olof Stenhammar with others will take part. Please notify attendance to Helena Jansson telephone +46 8 700 17 77, orhelena.jansson@ratos.se. For people who are unable to be present at the press meeting, a telephone conference (in English) will also take place at 11.30 CET today. The telephone number to the telephone conference is +46 8-505 201 14.

Curriculum Vitae - Susanna Campbell Born 1973 MSc Econ Stockholm School of Economics Married, two children
Ratos 2003-    - Investment Director 2010-    - Senior Investment Manager 2006-2010    - Investment Manager 2003-2006 McKinsey & Company 2000-2003 Alfred Berg Corporate Finance 1996-2000

For further information, please contact: Susanna Campbell, Investment Director and incoming CEO, +46 8 700 17 00 Arne Karlsson, CEO, +46 8 700 17 00 Olof Stenhammar, Chairman of the Board, +46 8 700 17 77 Anders Oscarsson, Nomination Committee Chairman, +46 734 22 16 15 Emma Rheborg, Head of Corporate Communications and IR, +46 8 700 17 20

Financial calendar from Ratos:
Year-end report 2011 16 February 2012
Annual General Meeting 18 April 2012
Interim Report January - March 2012 8 May 2012
Interim Report January - June 2012 17 August 2012
Interim Report January - September 2012 9 November 2012

Ratos is a private equity conglomerate. The company's mission is to maximise shareholder value over time through the professional, active and responsible exercise of its ownership role in primarily medium to large unlisted Nordic companies. Ratos's holdings include AH Industries, Anticimex, Arcus-Gruppen, Biolin Scientific, Bisnode, Contex, DIAB, Euromaint, Finnkino, GS-Hydro, Hafa Bathroom Group, HL Display, Inwido, Jøtul, KVD Kvarndammen, Lindab, Mobile Climate Control, SB Seating and Stofa. Ratos is listed on Nasdaq OMX Stockholm and market capitalisation amounts to approximately SEK 28 billion.