Ratos to place all of its Swedish construction operations in new Svensk Samverkansentreprenad Aktiebolag (SSEA) Group


Ratos has established Svensk Samverkansentreprenad Aktiebolag (SSEA) Group with the ambition of becoming Sweden’s leading construction group in partnering and collaboration contracts. The Ratos company Vestia Construction Group and HENT’s Swedish operations will be part of the group. The goal is “555”: SEK 5 billion in sales within 5 years, with an EBITA margin of 5%.

“Ratos strongly believes in partnering and collaboration in construction contracts. We know this leads to increased satisfaction and lower total costs for the customer as well as significantly fewer miscommunications. Now all of Ratos’s Swedish construction operations will be part of a joint group following the creation of SSEA Group, Sweden’s leading player in partnering contracts,” says Christian Johansson Gebauer, President Business Area Construction & Services at Ratos.


Vestia Construction Group holds a leading position in partnering and collaboration contracts in the Gothenburg region, with sales of SEK 891m in the last 12 months and an EBITA margin of 5.1%. Ratos acquired 62% of the shares in the company in spring 2021 and since then has been impressed by the company’s ability to have the highest levels of customer satisfaction in the market along with industry-leading profitability.


HENT Sweden has demonstrated impressive growth since it was formed in 2016 and is now an established player within major complex contract partnerships across all of Sweden. The company recently completed Sara Kulturhus in Skellefteå, one of the world’s tallest buildings made out of wood. HENT Sweden had SEK 1,612m in sales in the last 12 months, with an EBITA margin of 2%.


“By combining Vestia’s corporate culture and experience in collaboration and partnering with HENT Sweden’s experience with major complex projects, we’ll create a strong and competitive player in the Swedish construction market. We’ll continue our successful partnerships with the companies’ existing customers while also strengthen our offering for new customers,” says Christian Wieland, incoming President & CEO of SSEA Group.


SSEA Group has signed an agreement with HENT AS to acquire 100% of the shares in HENT Sverige AB. HENT AS will maintain its presence in the Swedish market through a partnership with SSEA Group.


“We’re very pleased to have built up a strong construction contractor in Sweden which will now become part of the new Swedish construction group at Ratos. HENT AS will concentrate its operations in Norway, while we and our customers will still have access to the Swedish market. We look forward to a positive collaboration with our new sister company SSEA Group,” says Jan Jahren, President & CEO of HENT AS.


Christian Wieland will remain CEO of Vestia in addition to his new role as President & CEO of SSEA Group. Jan Krepp, who is currently CEO of HENT Sverige AB, will remain CEO of SSEA (currently HENT Sverige AB).


The foundation of SSEA Group and acquisition of HENT Sverige AB are expected to be concluded in December 2021. The group will be part of the Construction & Services business area at Ratos.


For further information
Christian Johansson Gebauer, President Business Area Construction & Services, Ratos
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Christian Wieland, incoming President & CEO, SSEA Group
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