2550 Engineering helps Diab move towards full process control through Industrial AI


The Qamcom Group company, 2550 Engineering, specialized within technology in forefront, and Diab, an innovative and leading manufacturer within core materials, in a unique collaboration to optimize process control in the production.

For many manufacturing companies the quality control can be time consuming, expensive and a waste of resources. For Diab who produces premium core material used in various fields such as: boats, wind turbines, airplanes, and other vehicles – the quality control is crucial.

“Diab came to us with the ambition to perform in-line quality control for every sample and provide an individual material property set for each produced sample. This would take Diab from occasionally checking samples manually, to measure the quality of all material produced. Some would say that it sounds impossible. We said, challenge accepted” says Magnus Janson, CEO at 2550 Engineering.


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