Ratos company Vestia signs contract for approximately SEK 700m with City of Mölndal to build new school


Vestia Construction Group (Vestia) has signed a contract with the City of Mölndal for the new construction of Västerberg School and Bifrost Preschool in Mölndal. Västerberg School will accommodate 570 pupils from the age of six to 12 (Year F–6) in 9,500-square-metre premises including a full-size sports hall and is scheduled to be completed in March 2025. Bifrost Preschool will be the largest preschool in northern Europe with 14 classes housed in 4,200 square metres. Two classes will be specifically tailored for children with functional diversity and two will be open preschool classes offering activities for children who are not yet enrolled in preschool. The preschool will be completed in December 2024.

Västerberg School and Bifrost Preschool are part of the Lyftet programme, a strategic partnership between the City of Mölndal as the developer and Vestia as the general contractor. The programme includes eight projects: preschools, schools, and education centres. The ground was broken in December 2022 for the extensive refurbishment and extension of Building C at Almås School in Lindome, which is also part of the programme.


“Ratos’s construction companies are building a sustainable society by constructing sustainable commercial real estate and providing the state and municipalities with buildings that are important for society. We are very proud that we have been entrusted to build these schools in Mölndal. It is important to help provide a good environment for children and young people,” says Christian Johansson Gebauer, Chairman of the board of SSEA Group, which includes Vestia, and President, Business Area Construction & Services, Ratos.


In total, Västerberg School, Bifrost Preschool and Almås Building C entail a contract cost/order intake of SEK 669m for Vestia.

“The strategic partnership between the City of Mölndal and Vestia means that we are now initiating three additional school projects. It is incredibly gratifying to see how our strong partnership in 2022 has now resulted in the start of production for future school premises in the municipality,” says Christian Wieland, CEO of SSEA Group, which includes Vestia.


As part of the Lyftet programme, the refurbishment of Building H and Building L at Fässberg School has been completed, and at Stretered School one building is being refurbished and planning of another is in progress. Future projects will be carried out at Hålsten Preschool, Östergård School and Rävekärr School.


About the school projects

-          Developer: City of Mölndal

-          General contractor: Vestia Construction Group

-          Architect: Liljewall

-          Size: Västerberg School, gross area 9,500 square metres; Bifrost Preschool, gross area 4,200 square metres; Almås Building C, gross area 4,100 square metres

-          Contract cost: SEK 669m


About SSEA Group

SSEA Group is a Swedish construction group with operations throughout the country. The Group contributes to building sustainable communities. The focus for the operations is projects with implementation in collaboration/partnering where the customer's most important priorities are high on the agenda. The group has the two subsidiaries: Vestia and SSEA AB.

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