Ratos: Inwido to be listed today


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Inwido AB (publ) is to be listed on Nasdaq OMX Stockholm today. The final offering price has been set at SEK 68 per share. After the listing, Ratos's ownership share amounts to 31.3%. If the over-allotment option is fully exercised, Ratos's ownership share will amount to 21.5%.
The final offering price has been set at SEK 68 per share, corresponding to a market value of all shares issued by Inwido of approximately SEK 3,942 m. In accordance with the terms of the offering, Ratos has sold 37,678,668 shares for a total value of approximately SEK 2,562m.
Ratos has also issued an over-allotment option of up to an additional 5,651,796 shares, corresponding to 15% of the total number of shares included in the offering and approximately 9.7% of the total number of shares in the company. The over-allotment option may be exercised within 30 calendar days after the first listing day.
After finalising the offering (including transfers set out in the prospectus), Ratos's ownership share in Inwido amounts to 31.3%. If the over-allotment option is fully exercised, Ratos's ownership share will amount to 21.5%. Ratos has undertaken not to sell any additional shares in Inwido (other than the potential exercise of the over-allotment option) during a period of 180 days after the first listing day.
The offering was oversubscribed several times. All investors who applied to acquire shares within the public offering in Sweden have been allocated shares. The first day of trading in Inwido's shares on Nasdaq OMX Stockholm is today 26 September 2014 under the ticker symbol "INWI".
"There has been great interest in this IPO from both private individuals and institutions in Sweden and internationally. This is pleasing and lays the foundation for a good start for Inwido as a listed company. After ten years as principal owner and extensive improvement initiatives in Inwido, we now look forward to continuing our strong ownership involvement in cooperation with all the company's new shareholders," says Ratos's CEO Susanna Campbell.
Financial effects for Ratos Ratos's exit gain amounts to approximately SEK 1,150m. As Inwido will, following the completion of the transaction, change from a subsidiary to an associate company, Ratos must, according to IFRS, revalue the entire holding to fair value, based on the listing price. The exit gain is therefore based on the realised value of sold shares and on the appreciation in value in connection with the revaluation of the shares retained. The final exit gain will, among other factors, be affected by Ratos's profit share from Inwido during the time period up until the listing. Ratos has invested (net) approximately SEK 1,125m in Inwido and over the ten-year holding period the average annual return (IRR) amounts thus far to approximately 15%. Ratos has received approximately 3.3 times the investment.
For further information, please contact: Susanna Campbell, CEO Ratos, +46 8 700 17 00 Emma Rheborg, Head of Corporate Communications, Ratos, +46 73 380 22 63 Håkan Jeppsson, CEO Inwido, +46 70 550 15 17
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A prospectus prepared in accordance with the Prospectus Directive has been published by Inwido and is, with certain restrictions, available at www.inwido.com and www.ratos.se.
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Ratos is a private equity conglomerate. The company's mission is to maximise shareholder value over time through the professional, active and responsible exercise of its ownership role in primarily medium to large unlisted Nordic companies. Ratos's holdings include AH Industries, Aibel, Arcus-Gruppen, Biolin Scientific, Bisnode, DIAB, Euromaint, GS-Hydro, Hafa Bathroom Group, HENT, HL Display, Inwido, Jøtul, KVD, Mobile Climate Control, Nebula, Nordic Cinema Group and SB Seating. Ratos is listed on Nasdaq OMX Stockholm and market capitalisation amounts to approximately SEK 18 billion.