SSEA Group

SSEA Group is a Swedish construction group with operations throughout the country. The Group contributes to building sustainable communities. The focus for the operations is projects with implementation in collaboration/partnering where the customer's most important priorities are high on the agenda. The group has the two subsidiaries; Vestia and SSEA.


Number of employees


Ongoing projects in 8 cities


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Ratos holding


The company was founded


Christian Wieland, President and CEO
Christian Johansson Gebauer, Chairman


SSEA is a wholly owned subsidiary of SSEA Group that focuses on the Swedish market

Collaboration for sustainable development

As a modern construction company, SSEA puts the customer in focus. A transparent project process, together with a new thinking and solution-oriented approach. SSEA perform construction projects for customers in both the private and public sector. SSEA has the expertise for the entire construction process. An idea drawn on a napkin can be realized into a turnkey building. If the idea is already designed, construction contracts are also performed. Through early collaborations and project development, SSEA ensures buildability and architectural quality.

Christian Wieland, CEO of SSEA AB


With a strong customer-oriented culture and a transparent business model, Vestia provides comfort for the customer

Together, committed, responsible and brave

Vestia is an expansive construction operating in Gothenburg, Sweden and its surrounding municipalities with 30 years of experience. With several of the best on-site organisations in the region, the company works to strengthen its customers’ brands. Vestia works according to a so-called “partnering model,” whereby the customer and Vestia work transparently, and make all key decisions jointly to achieve the best total economy and effective implementation. The process creates a large amount of comfort for all parties, the financial risks are minimised and the projects are delivered with a high level of quality and using long-term sustainable solutions.

Christian Wieland, CEO of Vestia